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    Age Requirement: None.

    Education Level: None.

    Experience: Not Required.

    What You Need To Do:
  • Simply "Look Around" for potential Seller or Landlord ("your Referral") who want to sell or rent out their properties.
  • Call Me to inform me of your referral who is willing to discuss the matter with me.
  • I will take it from there to liaise with the Seller/Landlord who is not obligated to appoint me as their agent.
    • Reward: 10 to 20% of my earned commission depending on the size of the deal (negotiable).
      • Just call/sms me anytime for further details or if you have someone in mind, at absolutely no obligations.
      • You don't have Referral at the moment? No problem, just save my Hp No.81261622 to your Hp as opportunities may knock on your doors anytime - don't forget your friends, aquaintances, colleagues, relatives, neighbours etc etc are your potential Referral.
          What to say to your potential Referral? "I have a friend who is in the Real Estate business for many years. Would you like me to introduce him to you? ...."
            Well, good luck & hope to hear from you soon!!! Thanks.
              Contact No: 8126 1622
              ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd (ERA)
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              Thursday, August 18, 2011

              Looking for Travel Guide Writer

              Travel Guide Writer

              The travel guide is specifically for residents and travelers in Singapore & Malaysia (our website http://www.garmin.com.sg/richpoi/). The proposal writer is mainly responsible for Travel Guide Proposal Writing and Online Presentation Copywriting. The writer will work locally in Singapore and discuss with the editor in Taiwan.

              About Travel Guide Proposal:
              A travel guide proposal should consist of the following 6 parts.
              1.    Topic & Tagline: Topic name should be short and powerful so add a tagline to further develop the theme
              2.    Author & Date
              3.    Objective: Give a preface and persuade to make this proposal happen.
              4.    Timeline: Give a timeline to set the plan for the project.
              5.    Major/Minor Class: There are approximately 200 POIs in one Travel Guide.  They are organized into different categories as Major Class and Minor Class.
              6.    Sample POI Listing: List 5 POIs as samples under each Minor Class.
              (POI is points of interest, like restaurant, park, hotel, shopping mall…etc.)

              To apply the position of Travel Guide Proposal Writer, there is a trial writing for candidates. Write down your concepts and ideas about the subject “Ocean Singapore” as the sample.
              For the best proposal trial writing, we will cooperate to make the October issue of travel guide. The proposal writer will finish the proposal by listing 200 POIs with the editor and copywriting online presentation.
              For other excellent trial writer, we will also cooperate afterwards for other topics.

              The payment of the proposal and online presentation copywriting is 4500~7500 NTD (will exchange to USD then).

              Want to know more information or ask the sample of trial writing, please email your CV & work collection to Sophie.Liu@garmin.com.
              Contact person: Sophie Liu

              When applying, please quote "As posted on DailyJobAlert.blogspot.com". Thank you.
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